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Sperry Ventures is one of the premier landscaping services in the Eagle Valley Colorado. We have been working in our community for over 15 years, and we understand your needs. Whether a second homeowner or full-time resident, Sperry Ventures will give your garden and patio the attention it needs.

All of our landscapes are custom designed to meet the unique individual tastes and functional needs of our clients. At Sperry Ventures we pride ourselves on spending time with each client to gain an understanding of their specific preferences to create a landscape that is aesthetic and environmentally responsible.

We offer a variety of landscaping services in the vail valley, including :

  • Irrigation System Design & Installation
  • Rock Steps & Stairways
  • Retaining Walls, Terraces, & Planters
  • Patios & Walkways
  • Custom Containers

Sperry Ventures is a BBB Certified landscaping company in the Vail Valley. Contact us Today for a FREE consultation. 

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Landscape and Garden Maintenance

Making sure that your landscape receives the routine attention it needs is the season-long goal of our Maintenance crew. We offer weekly, bi-weekly or once a month maintenance schedules to fit with your needs and budget. With regular fertilizing, deadheading, pruning, weeding and soil amending you can count on your gardens looking their best. We also offer soil-testing to make sure that your plants are living in the best conditions we can provide. High-Altitude gardens often present their own unique set of challenges. With over 30yrs of combined experience landscaping in our mountain valleys we are well equipped to know what your garden needs to take it to the next level.

Do you take care of your own garden and have an upcoming event or just want a professional crew to get things cleaned up for you? Give us a call! We’re more than happy to give you a price for a quick visit to help you keep your garden in tip top shape. We understand that home gardens can be very personal places and we will make sure that your favorite plants and shrubs are well tended and respected while we are in your space.

Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance

Whether you are looking to install a completely new irrigation system on your property or just need maintenance on an existing system, we are able to take care of all your irrigation needs. Our highly experienced irrigation team is here to make sure that your system is running at peak performance throughout the season.

Lawn Maintenance

Having a well-cared for lawn is the icing on the cake for any landscape. Sperry Ventures offers custom lawn maintenance schedules for any size lawn you happen to have. During the fast-growing months of the summer we do recommend weekly mow and trim service but we are open to whatever schedule your lifestyle or budget requires. Thatching your lawn in the spring is part of our usual lawn maintenance routine and is included in any estimate we offer for lawn services. We also work with some of the best professionals in the valley give your lawn the regular fertilizing and weed management it needs to look full and lush all season.

Landscape Design and Installation

Whether you are looking to do a brand-new landscape for a newly built home, need a full re-model of your existing landscape or are just looking to change up a few gardens around your home, we are happy to visit your site and help you come up with ideas to create your ideal outdoor space. From simple shrub beds and lawns to rock gardens and xeriscape we will make sure that your landscape reflects your unique style. After helping you with your initial design we can come in and make your design a reality. Making sure that your irrigation, patios, walkways, lawns, gardens and trees are installed properly is the key to insuring your landscape’s longevity. We make sure that any estimate we give you for landscape installation reflects the time and care it requires to do things right the first time, saving you the trouble and money it takes to fix problems later on.

Custom Containers

Every home is unique and the annuals that surround it should be as well. We offer custom planted pots, boxes and hanging baskets. Because we plant our customers containers in-house we are able to offer container plantings that are specifically tailored to your tastes and needs. From bright flowers full of color to subtle classic foliage plantings we will insure that your home has the perfect custom planted containers. We also offer season long maintenance once your containers planted in the spring. We will come to your house make sure that your annuals are properly deadheaded and fertilized to ensure that they perform their best all summer long.

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