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Sperry Ventures Landscaping and Irrigation

Who we are

Sperry Ventures

With over 30 years of combined experience, Jared  and Cora Sperry, have been taking care of homeowners and businesses all over Vail Colorado. We specialize in irrigation, lawn care, landscape construction, flower beds, masonry and snow removal.

Sperry Venture has years of experience creating and designing all types of landscaping that will fit your needs and make your home look beautiful. We can handle everything from landscape design to irrigation, maintenance and sprinkle installation.

Meet Our Team

Cora Sperry

A lifelong local of the Eagle Valley, Cora Sperry came into the Landscaping business as a college student looking for a summer job in 2003. Throughout her years in college she spent the summers working in the gardens of Beaver Creek and Vail as a member of the garden maintenance department of a local landscaping company. After graduating college (with a very useful degree in Religious Studies) she continued to pursue a career in Landscaping and became more involved in Garden design. Over the years she has dedicated her time to expanding her knowledge of the plants and designs that work best in our challenging mountain environment. Cora joined Sperry Ventures in the spring of 2016. With her she brought not only her years of experience but also her passion for creating gardens that cater to the unique needs of each property as well as the desires and vision of each homeowner.

Jared Sperry

Jared Sperry moved to Colorado from New Hampshire in the fall of 1999. Like many others, his passion for snowboarding and spending time on the mountain brought him to the Eagle Valley. While he spent his winters snowboarding and working an odd assortment of jobs he quickly found himself spending his summers routinely working for a local landscaping company. Soon he developed the skills needed to properly build and maintain high quality landscapes. After eight years working with one of the finest Landscapers in the valley Jared decided try his hand at running his own company and started Sperry Ventures as a part-time side business. Due to Jared’s hard work ethic, honesty and dedication to his clients, what began as a one guy with an old Chevy and a mower has steadily grown over the years to become a fully functioning Landscaping company (which is to say now it consists of several guys and a few ladies, lots of old and some new Chevy’s, more than one mower and a few other helpful tools and machines).

When not at work Cora and Jared enjoy spending time in the mountains hiking with their two dogs, Mac and Vida, rafting on the Colorado River and going on road trips around the west. In the fall of 2014 Cora and Jared got married and moved to McCoy Colorado.